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BIG UPDATE | 2007 / 03 / 21
Long time no see! We are sorry, but we are back with some good news. February tour was fantastic, our best ever. We did so many good shows, in so many nice venues put up by such good people. We met so many friendly and lovley faces and new friends, and we wanted it to continue forever. But... everything must come to an end. We quickly decided to start booking a new tour directly for May 2007 and we have a bunch of dates for you. We've also been booked to some festivals with big sponsors this summer.

But before May we also have some shows for you: Our first Swedish one in more than 6 months - Blekingska Nation in Lund, and we'll also appear on the great festival END PILOT in Erfurt, Germany in April. Check all the days out in the LIVE section.

In other news: as soon as things have calmed down a bit we will enter a studio to begin the recordings of our follow up to "Give me beauty... Or give me death!". We wish for a release fall/winter 2007 via And the Sound Records.
One new song that will appear on this record can be seen as a live video at our profile, recorded at W2 in Denbosh, NL when we opened up for great Aereogramme.

One more thing: We are working on a new website with new photos, video clips, sound stream, shop etc etc.

And with this said... See you out there!
NEW YEAR, MEMBER & TOUR | 2007 / 01 / 14
Yes indeed! We all survived 2006 as well and we're looking forward to a exciting 2007. We've a new member in the band, Claes. He'll fill the emptiness that our die hard friend Daniel left when he decided not to continue with ef. We all knew this time might come at some point because of him beeing very busy all the time, and we are sad that it came when everything worked so fine and a lot of things is happening. There's no fights or other problems between us, just the problem finding time. We would love to thank Daniel for the year and a half that he filled our days with joy, laughs and nudity (ahum!). Hes one of the greatest guy we ever played with and wish him and hes projects all the best.

And the February tour is soon fully booked, it have gone smooth this time and we are really happy to get out on the roads again. This time we'll also visit some new countries such as France, Luxemburg and Switzerland, exciting!
NEW TOUR 2007 | 2006 / 12 / 07
We are happy to announce that we'll do more touring, sooner than we expected!!!
Between 13th and 25th of February we'll find our way through Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxemburg and via Germany back home.
Looking forward to see all of you people out there!
CDON.COM | 2006 / 10 / 19
We're back from the tour. 2 GREAT weeks in Europe - the best ever... Until our car broke down the very last day. Sorry to all people in Rostock, we promise to make up for it in 2007!
You can read the story at our site, and also see some new photos.

Our album is now avaible at the netshop CDON.COM! They deliever to all countries in Europe and Scandinavia, and more I think. This means that our label And the Sound will stop shipping orders from these countries.

Now we'll start to work on new songs, for a new record. Stay updated.
TOUR FULLY BOOKED | 2006 / 08 / 31
The September/October tour is fully booked. Please check out the updated tour schedule and feel free to drop by any of the shows.

In the future we'll add all media exposure on the right side, under the album cover.
UK COMPILATION! | 2006 / 08 / 21
ef will have the song "Misinform the uninformed (japanese version)" on a compilation called "SVENSKT". The compilation will be released in October 16th by UK label: Big Scary Monsters.

OK feedback of "Give me beauty... or give me death!"